martes, 4 de mayo de 2010


About two days ago I received an email from a friend with a web address that led me to a link to a page called "Metal Rip Off." On entering I saw that they put on the list of Rip Off to some friends of mine such as "Human Slaughterhouse Distro" and "Sepulchral Terror Distro", but what surprised me most was that the person who added my two friends used my name and also used all my information to be uploaded to the site.
Obviously this is a lie from a poser who just wants to harm our label and the labels of my two friends, but actually he doesn't really hurt us in any way, as my list of trades and contacts, ranging from 1991, know that I am 100% honest in business, including contact details of the two labels are technically the same friends, and no person has been wrong with the business. Besides, even shows a large degree of ignorance, because he failed specifying my place of residence and completely ignored the zip code of the city where I live, putting a code which doesn't exist.
Serpent God Records and all the staff involved and the distro list of web pages deal not to attack people that upsets us. If we have a problem with someone, we look him for and resolve the problem, we never hide behind a monitor and play to be rude men, or use the name of any person to harm someone, it just shows the immaturity of that person, whom we wish him luck with his ghost band and their ghost releases.
We already know that this person visited our pages and go step by step of our projects, then we invite him to mature and grow, because is something true and the body is just important for pigs.
Owner of Serpent God Records

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